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Makes A SWEET Sweetheart Table

Modern brides are starting to step away from the traditional long bridal table and are moving towards a table for just the two of them. This is commonly refereed to as a sweetheart table. This not only allows their bridal party to sit with their guest but gives the newlyweds a chance to talk to themselves and enjoy their first meal together. This also allows guest a perfect picture opportunity when glasses are dinged and the couple goes in for that kiss. If you are reading this you may have already decided that you want a sweetheart table. Now the trick is making your table stand out among all of the other tables. Here are a few tricks.


Choose a SPECIALTY linen for your sweetheart table. If you are using a plan linen for all of your guest tables maybe now is the perfect time to add in a different material or color. By making the linen fit a little BIGGER you can get a beautiful romantic puddling of the linen in front of the table.


There is nothing wrong with getting a SPECIAL chair for just the bride and groom. It is your special day after all. Don't be afraid to go big and make a statement. The chairs you choose can create a beautiful backdrop much like these wicker chairs from A & R Rental Center in York, PA form a heart around the happy couple.


Talk to your florist. This is a great time to showcase your bridal bouquet. Cross Creek Farm out of Glen Rock, PA used this bides bouquet as the central focus on this sweet heart table. Also don't forget you can always frame yourself with a floral arrangement on each side or you can look into colonnades and columns from your local rental store.


Don't forget what is behind the table is just as important as what is in front. The front of the table can be completely beautiful but if behind it is busy or doesn't go with your theme you may want to think about covering it up. There are a variety of curtain options and backdrops you can rent to make the two of you really the focal point. Contact you local rental store for options available to you.

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