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Pumpkin Inspired Centerpieces

With Fall just around the corner it is time to embrace the season of the pumpkin. There is pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin lattes and of course pumpkin decorations lite the jack-o-lantern. Now is the time to impress all of your guest and create an outstanding centerpiece using of course pumpkins! Here are a few easy do it yourself options to creatively use a pumpkin to create a one of a kind centerpiece.

1. Use your pumpkin as a vase. Simply cut out a hole in the top of your pumpkin, clean out the pumpkin and put a vase of flowers inside the pumpkin. The flowers will appear to be growing out of the pumpkin.

2. Paint your pumpkin. Love pumpkins but don't care for the color orange? Take them outside and spray paint them your favorite color.

3. Add some candle light to your pumpkin. Cut of the stem of the pumpkin or create a small hole to insert a candle. It will not only look cute but create mood lighting. Extra points if you use a pumpkin scented candle!

4. Add floating candles to your pumpkin. Take your cleaned out pumpkin and add some water and food coloring if you like and place the floating candles in the pumpkin. This is a cool way to use floating candles in a new way.

5. Collect different size pumpkin. Arrange different Size pumpkins on a mirror, plate or just the table to create a center piece. You can also use different colors.

6. Create your Own Pumpkin. Who said a pumpkin has to be made out of a pumpkin. Get creative and use some objects around your house to create a one of a kind pumpkin.

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