Staging & Dance Floors

Stage, Stage Rental, Professional Stage, York, PA

Professional Staging

Each section of staging is 8 feet by 4 feet, can be adjusted to different heights and has a beautiful black no slip mat flooring to them.  We also offer the option to add stairs or a ramp to your stage. With all of these options available we are able to customize the stage to fit your needs and vision.

This stage must be installed by our professionals. Prices include labor for set-up and break down. Please contact us with the location of your event for pricing on delivery.

4' x 8' Stage Section rents for $75 a day

12' Ramp rents for $350 a day

Stair Modular rents for $75 a day

Safety Railing rents for $10 a day

Stage Rental, Professional, Stage, Rental, York, PA
Professional Stage, Ramp Rental, Saftey York, PA
Stair Rental, Stage Stairs Rental, York, PA
Stage Rental, DIY Stage Rental, York, PA

Do-It-Yourself Staging

For those who prefer a more economical option we offer 4 feet by 4 feet sections of plywood floor staging that we allow you to pick up and set up yourself. This staging can also be adjusted to different heights and you also have the option to add stairs. 

4' x 4' Stage Section rents for $38 a day

Stair Modular rents for $75 a day

Dance Floor

We have a variety of different size dance floors available for rent with the option to have it professionally installed or set up yourself. Please contact us with your event location for pricing on delivery.

Parkay Dance Floor
$35 per 4x4 section 

Dance Floor Rental, York, PA
DF Northern Birch silver trim (1).jpg

Northern Birch Dance Floor 

$33 per 4x4 section