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One Of The Most Important & Most Forgotten Decor Item

Many girls dream their whole life of their big day and when it finally comes to planing it they want everything to be perfect. They want to walk in looking like a bride from a magazine with the most spectacular venue and decor to leave their guest in aww. After all this is a dream come true. Right?

So you spend a year or over a year planing. You find the perfect venue for your style, a florist that will make your dream center pieces, linens to compliment the centerpieces and the china and glassware that fit your style. You have everything you need right? WRONG! One of the most forgotten decor item is your chairs.

A chair can not only change the whole atmosphere and look of your event but choosing the wrong chair can also leave your guest uncomfortable and ready to leave. Take a look at the pictures bellow. Both events are using minimal decor but notice how much of an impact the chairs are making.

When you are making all of your wedding plans remember that chairs are one of the first thing your guest will see and affects the entire look of your design. Using the ones the venue supplies or the cheapest option is not right for everyone especially if you want to make a great lasting impression. Make sure to keep chairs in mind when you are designing your event.

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