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About Us

Over 50 years ago a young couple believed in the American dream of owning their own business that would one day would become successful enough to support their family. That couple decided to risk it all and make the leap and thus A & R Rental Center was born. We have come a long way since then and the business continues to grow along with the family. There are currently two generations of the family present at A & R Rental Center that are happy to greet you as you walk in. If your lucky, there may even be a little mommy or daddy's helper there that day.  Let's just say WE KNOW FAMILY!

We know your family is important to you and you are important to us. As soon as you walk in the door you are part of the A & R Family and were there to help. Whether it is celebrating your babies birthday, planning your daughters wedding or fixing up your home we are there. We have what you need and we will help you the best that we can. It is our goal to help "make your projects easier and your events special."

We Believe In Helping Others:

A & R Rental Center believes in helping others. In fact, in their free time the president and vice president have started a non profit organization to help the orphans in Kenya.  If they're not busy helping out at A & R chances are they are busy helping the kids in Kenya. Stop in and ask about the latest new in Kenya and how you can help or find out more information at

(pictured is the president of A & R Rental Center sorting through new books for the kids while at the center in Kenya)

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