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A & R Rental Center offers a variety of china patterns and glassware for rental that are suitable for any occasion.  If you are planning a wedding, a family dinner or party we are sure to have a china pattern or glassware that would suit your needs. All items rent per piece so you can rent the whole set or just the individual pieces that you need. Every glass, plate, or dinnerware comes cleaned, inspected and ready for you to rent and use. For weekend event you can pick up your order Friday afternoon from our convenient York location and return Monday for only a one day charge! Contact us today for a custom quote free of charge or come visit your local York rental center to set your own custom sample place setting. 

White Platinum China Set

 Rents for $0.35 per piece per day

Classic White China Set

 Rents for $0.37 per piece per day

Ivory Gold China Set

 Rents for $0.32-$0.40 Per Piece Per Day

Black Octine China Set

 Rents for $0.49 per piece per day

Black Octine China Set

 Rents for $0.49 per piece per day

Glacier Appetizer/Dessert Plate

 Rents for $0.34 per piece per day


Stoltzel Crystal Set

 Rents for $0.65 per piece per day

Excalibur Glass Set

 Rents for $0.55 per piece per day

Embassy Glass Set

 Rents for $0.35 per piece per day

Bastia Hammered Dinnerware 

 Rents for $0.26 per piece per day

Chateau Dinnerware 

 Rents for $0.24 per piece per day

Gold Fiori Dinnerware 

 Rents for $0.69 per piece per day


Crystal Hi Top 

 Rents for $0.44 per piece/day

Martini Glass

 Rents for $0.40 per piece/day

Crystal On The Rocks

 Rents for $0.44 per piece/day

Pilsner Glass

 Rents for $0.39 per piece/day

Ice Tea Tumbler 

 Rents for $0.25 per piece/day

Shot Glass

 Rents for $0.20 per piece/day

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Irish Coffee Mug

 Rents for $0.34 per piece/day

Gold Charger

 Rents for $0.50 per piece/day

Silver Charger

 Rents for $0.50 per piece/day

Red Charger

 Rents for $0.50 per piece/day