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Lifts, Ladders & Scaffold


Create a temporary structure to reach a high area using poles and planks. This temporary working structure will hold you and your supplies while you do things such as paint, clean or build high walls,ceilings, structures and machines. It breaks down to easily be transported and used indoors but can also be used outdoors. If the ground is not leveled scaffolding can  be used with use of levelers. Scaffolding can be installed to stay in one place or can be installed using wheels or casters to easily be moved around. Using scaffolding as a temporary structure has many diverse uses and is very cost efficient. 

Each section of scaffolding will need 2 end bucks and 2 braces. Bakers scaffolding is great for narrow areas. You can choose the height you need based of of 3', 5'(not available in bakers)  and 6'. The most popular be 5'. Keep in mind you can put additional sections on top of your base section to give you additional height. Choose one plank or multiple planks to create one or multiple work areas. You can use one plank by itself or if you need a little more space but additional planks side by side.

Contact our expert rental staff in York, PA  to help you figure out what you will need for your project. We are a proud to be offering our customers only the best from Bil-Jax Scaffolding. 

Extention Leveler rents for $3 a day

2" Hindge Pin rents for $0.25 a day

Base Plate rents for $1 a day

8" Casters rents for $3 a day

30" Outriggers rents for $4 a day

Planks 19" x 7' rents for $6 a day

Planks 24" x 7' rents for $8 a day

Safety Rail Set rents for $10 a day

Side Bracket 24" tube rents for $4 a day

Cross Brace 7' rents for $2 a day

End Buck 4 1/2' x 5'  rents for $4 a day

End Buck 28" x 3' (bakers) rents for $4 a day

End Buck 28" x 6' (bakers) rents for $4 a day

End Buck 5' x 3' rents for $4 a day

End Buck 5' x 5' rents for $4 a day

End Buck 5' x 6' (walk thru) rents for $6 a day

Levelers 24" rents for $3 a day

Levelers w/ feet rents for $4 a day

Multi-purpose rolling 6' tower rents for $30 a day

Multi-purpose rolling 3' tower rents for $25 a day

45' Boom Lift (Model: 4527 A)

rents for $289 for 4 hours/ $329 a day

55' Boom Lift (Model: 5533 A)

rents for $329 for 4 hours/ $419 a day

A & R  Rentals tow-able articulating boom lifts are one of our most loved lifts and a must use. They can  hold up to 500 lbs and  reach heights of 55' as well as articulate out from the base. This lift does more than just go straight up and down it can also extend out. Some of the most popular uses of this lift is trimming trees, siding and roof work, maintenance on a building and so much more.

This lift is easy to control. It includes hydraulic outriggers and an automatic leveling system allowing you to easily set-up.. If your ground is uneven this equipment quickly levels for you. The controls to the lift are also designed for easy use but our expert staff is here to walk you through it if you need help. 


This lift can be towed using a standard half ton pick up truck. A commercial drivers license is NOT required making it perfect for work around home, church, school or business. We also offer delivery. We recommend that you reserve this lift in advance before renting at our York, PA location. 

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Drywall Lifts

Drywall Lift 8'-10'  rents for $29 a day

Drywall Lift 6'-15' rents for $35 for 4hrs/ $42 a day

If you are a professional or a do it yourself type of person. Drywall lifts are very handy to help install dry wall on ceilings. The drywall simply slides onto the lift and then the lift cranks up the drywall into position. We have two different drywall lifts available. One will extend to 8-10 feet and the other 6-15 feet. There are wheels on the base of the dry wall lift making it easy to wheel into place. It also breaks down into 4 pieces for easy transportation. 


12' Fiberglass rents for $24 for 4hrs/ $32 a day

6' Step rents for $10 for 4hrs/ $15 a day

Additional Lifts

500 lb Lift n/a

300 lb Genie Lift n/a

Porta Crane or Engine Lift rents for $26 for 4 hrs/ $36 a day

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