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Tips To Choose The Right Chainsaw

You have decided the time has come to purchase a chainsaw but you have no clue where to start. If you do a quick google search on chainsaws you will be flooded with a bunch of different brands and each brands will have a bunch of different types. It can quickly become over whelming! Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are choosing a chainsaw to purchase.

1.Price vs Brand

You can easily choose a cheap off brand chainsaw for around $60 and that may look like a steal compared to some of the brands that start around $200. However, most of these off brand chain saws are not built to last and unfortunately if you try to have it repaired you will have more money put into repairing it than you spent on buying the chainsaw.

If you do not want to spend a lot on a chainsaw, don't need it for very long and do not have a very hard job an off brand chainsaw may fit your needs perfectly. However, if these are your concerns when looking for a chainsaw you may want to consider renting a chainsaw verse buying one. You can rent a better/stronger chainsaw than a cheap off brand chainsaw for around $30.

If you want a chainsaw that will last you more than a few times and that you know will get the job done you may want to pick a brand that stands behind their products. I personally recommend Stihl. They are a great brand and their product speaks for itself. In fact, just the other day I was talking to someone who said they had one of Stihl's products for 10years and still no problems! THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!

2. How Experienced Are You In Using A Chainsaw?

After deciding on a brand you will want to consider how experienced you are in using a chainsaw. If you do not have much experience with using a chainsaw you may want to take the more conservative route. You do not want to have a chainsaw with more power than you need. You may also want to choose one that requires low maintenance, low vibration and an easy start.

Did you know that the chain you use can affect the difficult of use in your chain saw? Stihl currently offers two different chains your standard which is perfect for people with little experience and then also a more aggressive chain which is great for people with more experience. For safety reason WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THE AGGRESSIVE CHAIN FOR BEGINNERS.

3. What Do You Plan On Using Your Chainsaw For?

The next thing you want to thing about is what do you plan on using your chainsaw for and how often do you plan on using it. If you plan on using it just around the house here and there you may want something simple and lightweight. However, if you plan on using more than just here and there you may want to consider stepping up to something a little more powerful and possibly one that is built to handle everyday us. As you step to more powerful chainsaws you may also realize that you may have longer bar length options which brings us to the next thing you want to keep in mind and ask yourself.

4. What Is The Diameter You Need to Cut?

If you have something you need to cut with a large diameter you want to make sure the chainsaw you choose is capable of handling a bar that length or larger. The last thing you want to do is do all your research decide on a chainsaw and completely forget about what you need to cut only to realize when you take it home the bar and chain are not long enough to handle your project. Every chainsaw has different size bars and chains they can handle. Your less powerful chainsaws are not going to be able to handle large projects.

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