Stump Grinders & Chippers

6" Chipper 
(Model: Vermeer BC600XL)

If you need to get rid of a bunch of wood pieces,sticks and brush renting a wood chipper is perfect for you. This particular model is tow-able with a 2" ball and can handle up to 6" diameter wood pieces.  There is an auto feed feature which will allow you to be more productive with your time. Call A & R Rental Center to reserve this rental equipment today. 

rents for $149 for 4 hours/ $189 a day

3" Chipper / Shredder 
(Model: Wallenstien BXMT 3213)

This piece of rental equipment can take up to 3" branches in the side shoot and 5"  in the top shoot.  It uses a gravity feed system to feed the material.

The chipper is a tow-able unit that requires a 2" ball. A & R Rental Center also offers delivery of equipment. Both chippers are great to get rid of branches and create mulch. 

rents for $129 for 4 hours/ $159 a day

Stump Grinder, Hydraulic w/ trailer 
(Model: Barreto E30SGK)

We love this track hydraulic stump grinder. The cutting depth 12 inch and cutting height is 32 inch. The head can swing 134 degrees with a 99.7 inch arc.  We recommend starting at an edge and move side to side.

The rental comes with a easy load trailer that requires a 2 inch ball or A & R Rental Center also offers delivery. 

rents for $209 for 4 hours/ $249 a day

Stump Grinder, Manual
(Model: Bluebird SG1314A)

This stump grinder must be manually worked back and forth. It is not towable and must be transported in the back of a pick up truck or trailer. 

rents for $139 for 4 hours/ $189 a day