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What to Keep in Mind For Fall Parties

The weather may be getting colder but there are still plenty of reasons to throw a party. Fall is a great time for weddings, Halloween parties, and other festivities so before you move inside and hibernate for the winter make the most out of these cool night and throw one last shindig.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for your fall party/wedding:

1. Don't forget about heaters! It may be comfortable during the day but at night the temperature drops and if you add this to some seasonable wind it can get a little chilly. You don't want to leave your guest shivering and running for their coats or worse their heated cars. You can rent a variety of different heaters for a party you will probably want to have a patio heater. If you have a tent there are also tent heaters available for rental.

2. Be Careful With Fire. Fall is an awesome time to have a fire going in a fire pit at your party or wedding however, make sure it is far enough away from any tents, trees or decor items. If the fire is too close it could result in sparks catching items on fire and burning holes. NEVER BUILD A FIRE UNDER A TENT and make sure to always follow fire safety procedures.

3. Invest In Tent Sides. If you are renting a tent for a wedding or party ask about tent sides. Not only will it help block out some of the cold wind during this time of year but it will also help to keep some of the warm air in.

4. Have Plenty of Warm Drinks Available. There is nothing better than having a warm drink on a fall evening. Many of your guest who normally do not normally drink coffee or other warm drinks will find themselves wanting something warm. Plan on having plenty of cups available for hot drinks. You may even want to consider renting a large coffee urn. HELPFUL HINT: Coffee Urns are not just for coffee they can also be used to hold hot water.

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