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How To Set A Table

When setting a table place settings can get complicated quick! Which side is the proper side for a knife? What are all these forks for? Where do I put all these plates?

Lets start with basics: What is what.


Chargers: Chargers are a large decorative plate that are not used for food. They are great for formal events to add a little extra flare.

Dinner Plates: A dinner plate is probably the plate that most people are familiar with. Next to the charger they are the largest plate and are used to serve the main course.

Salad Plates: I'm sure you can guess what this plate is typically used for based on the name. That's right this plate is used for salads. It is a plate that is smaller than the dinner plate but slightly larger than a bread and butter plate.

Bread & Butter Plate: This will be your smallest plate and is used to serve your bread and butter. This plate is also used sometimes as a cake plate or dessert plate.

Saucer & Tea Cup: These two items are probably the easiest to recognized and are rarely separated,


Dinner Fork: Your dinner fork is your largest fork.

Salad Fork: Your salad fork is the smaller fork. This fork can also act as a dessert fork.

Dinner Knife: This knife is about the same height as your dinner fork and is the most popular knife o be used.

Butter Knife: A butter knife is a small knife used only for butter.

Teaspoon: Teaspoon is your most popular spoon. Comparing it to a soup spoon it is slightly smaller in size

Soup Spoon: The largest spoon used primarily for soup.


There are a bunch of different glasses to choose from but your most popular for a table setting is your Champagne flute, Water Goblet and Wine Glass.

Now that you know what everything is it is time to decide what type of meal you are having and set the table accordingly.

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