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Room Dividers

room dividers
pipe and drap, rental, room dividers, curtains, York, PA

Pipe & Drape

30" Upright Pole rents for $3 a day

8' Upright Pole rents for $3 a day

7' - 12' Upright Slide Pole rents for $5 a day

12' Cross Pole rents for $5a day

6'-10' Cross Pole rents for $3 a day

18 x 18 Slide Base rents for $5 a day

Large Base rents for $3 a day

Small Base rents for $3 a day

Long Curtain rents from $4-$8.50 a day

Short Curtains rents for $3-$4.50 a day

stanchions, post and chain, rental, york pa

Post rents for $5 a day

20' Chain rents for $4.50 a day



patio heater, heater, flame heater, York, PA Rental
patio heater, rental, heater, york, PA
table top patio heater, small heater, heater, rental, York, Pa
Tent Heater, Rental Heater, Heater, Tent Heater Rental York, PA

Glass Flame
Patio Heater

 Rents for $74 a day

Patio Heater

 Rents for $49 a day

Table Top
Patio Heater

 Rents for $19 a day

Tent Heaters

80K BTU LB WHITE rents for $79 a day

125K BTU Black Top rents for $89 a day

125K BTU White Top rents for $89 a day

170K BTU LB WHITE rents for $170 a day

Archways & Pillars

garden trellis rental, wedding arch rental, wedding decoration rental, york pa

Garden Trellis

 Rents for $28 a day

ADD ON Floral Decor for an additional $25 a day

(contact store for available floral  colors)

wedding decor, collonade, wedding arch rental York PA
pillars, wedding decor, column, rental York, PA
wedding decor rental, wedding columns, rental York, PA


 Rents for $190 a day

Pillars/ Columns

3' Pillar rents for $16 a day

3.5' Pillar rents for $16 a day

6' Pillar rents for $25 a day

Table Top Decor

table top
Candy Bar Rental, Center Piece Rental, York, PA
Vase Rental, Candy Dish Rental, Candy Bar, Center piece, Rental York, PA
centerpiece rental, vase rental, glass rental, candy bar dish, York, PA Rental
Center Piece Rental, Candy Bar Rental, Wedding Decor Rental, York, PA

Create Your Own Candy Bar or Centerpiece

64oz Compote Dish

 Rents for $2.50 a day

10.5" Champagne
Style Dish

 Rents for $3.00 a day

25oz Brandy
Style Dish

 Rents for $1.50 a day

100oz Brandy
Style Dish

 Rents for $3.50 a day

Card Holder, Wishing Well Card Holder, Wedding Card Holder, Rental York, PA
Center Piece, Wedding Decor, Mirror Center Piece, Rental Mirror, York Pa Rental

Wishing Well
Card Holder

 Rents for $22 a day

14" Round Mirror

 Rents for $2.40 a day



Red Carpet Rental, Red Carpet, Red Carpet Runner, Runner Rental, Rental York, PA

25' Red Carpet

 Rents for $40 a day

Flower Urn Rental, Wedding Decor Rental, Flower Pot Rental, York, PA

Flower Urn

 Rents for $6 a day

Garden Bench Rental, Wedding Decor Rental, Wedding Bench, Rental York, PA

Garden Bench

 Rents for $15 a day

Guest Book Stand Rental, Guest Book Stand, Podium Rental, York, PA Rental

Guest Book Stand

 Rents for $20 a day

Air Dancer Man Rental, Tube Man, Attention Man, Dancing Man Renta, Rental, York PA

Air Dancer Man/ Tube Man

 Rents for $95 a day

easel, easel rental, rental, york, pa


 Rents for $7.50 a day

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