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Fall Lawn Care

Summer is coming to an end and your lawn has been thru a lot. It has survived barbecues, birthday parties, the hot summer sun and more. Now that is coming you don't just forget about your lawn. There's a few things you can do now to keep your lawn in tip top shape so it is ready for next year.

1. Aerate the soil.

Now is the best time to aerate the soil so that the oxygen, water and fertilizer can easily reach the roots of the grass. By doing this you are helping to insure your grass will receive the nutrition it need to survive the harsh winter weather. A self propelled aerator machine can be rented and what it will do is pull plugs out of the ground. For larger yards you can also rent a tow-able aerator or hire a landscaper.

2. Rake the Leafs.

Growing up I thought we had to rake the leafs for aesthetic reason of of course to have fun jumping in them. It turns there is a much more important reason to rake the leafs off of your lawn. If leafs are left on the ground for an extend amount of time they will get wet and form a mat over top of your grass which will end up suffocating and killing your grass. If you don't want to rake your leafs you can also invest in a leaf blower to quickly get the leafs off your lawn or a leaf mower. These items can also be rented.

3. Fertilize.

This will not only help your grass survive the winter but also will encourage future growth. If you only want to fertilize your lawn once a year the fall is actually the best time to do so.

4. Get Rid of Weeds

Just like grass weeds are also getting ready to survive the harsh winter. This means that they are absorbing everything they can including weeding killer. Spray some weed killer on those nasty weeds so you have a fighting chance to get rid of them before next spring.

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