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How To Get Rid Of Crab Grass

It's summer time, the time to spend outside enjoying the beautiful weather and your beautiful lawn....but wait.... what is that? A green grassing weed has taken over. Like a monstrous disease it seems to have consumed and spread all over your beautiful green grassy lawn! Sounds like your yard may have a case of crab grass but let's make sure...

What is Crab Grass?

It is a grassy type weed that quickly grows and spreads over a large area. It thrives in the summertime with hot sunny conditions and is difficult to get rid of. (Bellow is pictures of various stages of crab grass.)

Well it is official you have crab grass. Now what? First step is to kill it! If the crab grass is still young you are able to pull it from your yard. However, if the plant has matured DO NOT pull it. Pulling it can result in you distributing thousand more seeds all over you lawn. There are a couple different chemicals out there designed to kill crab grass. You can do your research and find out which on is best for you. Another option would be to to use a tiller. Using a tiller not only helps to dig up weed roots but also helps get your yard in prime condition to plant new plants and grass.

Step two get rid of the dead crab grass. To do this use a garden rake or for larger areas you can use a dethatcher. You do not want to leave the dead plant in your yard or garden. By disposing of the dead plant you decrease your chance of the weed growing back or suffocating surrounding plants and grass.

After a long battle you finally got rid of the crab grass but now your lawn is patchy and you need to replant. An overseeder is perfect for this project. It will cut little slits into the ground and distribute the grass seed evenly over the area. Make sure to check to see when the best time to plant your certain type of grass seed for best results.

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