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Are you ready for a bouncing good time? A & R Rental Center serving York, Lancaster, Hanover and surrounding areas has a variety of inflatables available for rental that are ranked high in safety. These are perfect for every type of occasion whether you are looking for a jump house, something with a slide and/or obstacles we have it all including a water slide! We also have a variety of themes including our Monster Truck, Disney and Disney Princess, Justice League and Pirates! Get everything you need for your party or event at one place. 


Interactive Units

Delivery may be included within ten miles from our location provided we have openings. Distances greater  than 10 miles will have additional charges.
Due to the current shortage of delivery personal we are temporarily allowing  customer pick ups. 

Boxing Ring

Rents for $379 a day

Unit is 19x19x8. Includes two over-sized boxing gloves and head gear. 

Jousting Arena

 Rents for $379 a day

Unit includes two Jousting Sticks & Head Gear.

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Wacky Chaos
Obstacle Course

 Rents for $629 a day

Unit is 25x24x14 . Includes a variety of obstacles including a slide. 

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