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Santa's Closet

Christmas Costumes

Santa Costume, Cordoroy

size M-XXL

$34-$39 a day

Santa Costume, Crimson Velvet

size Lg-XL

$49-$56 a day

Santa Costume, Velveteen

Size L-XL

$49-$55 a day

Santa Costume, Deluxe

Size XXL

$85 a day

Mrs Claus, Flannel Dress

Size 16/18

$18 a day

Mrs Claus, Cordoroy Dress

Size M

$25 a day

Mrs Claus, Velveteen Dress

Size L

$35 a day

Mrs Claus, Deluxe


$65 a day

Christmas Elf, Flannel

Size XS, M, L

$12.50 a day

Christmas Elf, Knit Green

Size S

$17 a day

Christmas Elf, Deluxe

Size S-L

$28 a day

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Costume Extras

Beard & Wig

$10 a day

Santa Padded Vest

$5 a day

Toy Bag

$5 a day

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